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    It was in 1983 that Howard Jones first burst upon the contemporary music
    scene with his very English songwriting, pioneering synthesizers and thought
    provoking lyrics. He set out his manifesto in his very first single ‘ New Song’.
    The lyrics called on the listener to challenge their preconceived ideas, to see
    both sides and ‘throw off your mental chains’. New Song was recently used in
    a pivotal scene in ‘Breaking Bad’ where Aaron Paul’s character Jessie
    Pinkman questions if he wants to ‘play by the rules’. New Song peaked at
    number 3 in the UK singles charts.
    Along with ‘New Song’, The first two albums, ‘Humans Lib’ and ‘Dream into
    Action’, brought Howard a host of hits including ‘Things Can Only Get Better’,
    ‘What is Love?’, ‘Pearl In The Shell’, ‘Like to Get To know You Well’, ‘Hide And
    Seek’ (performed at Live Aid), ‘Look Mama’ and ‘No One Is To Blame’, which
    reached No.1 in the US. Howard has sold over 8 million albums across the
    globe and is one of a select group of British artists who have comprehensively
    ‘broken America’.
    Howard Jones solo shows are an intimate trip through Howard’s 30 year
    music career. Many of his best known songs were composed on his favourite
    instrument; the piano. Howard shares behind the scenes stories and reveals
    the inspiration behind the songs in this critically acclaimed show.
    Sellersville PA Review
    On a recent solo stop at The Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA, Jones returned to his most basic
    musical roots. Sitting alone by a single keyboard and providing the two things that matter most – the
    music and the message. On this night, there would be no lavish arsenal of synthesizers or ’80s hair and
    fashion. Instead, Jones’ performance would be a stripped down, magical, acoustic event.
    For nearly ninety minutes, Howard Jones performed songs spanning his vast catalog of hits as well as a
    new track from Engage (“Joy”) and a few deeper cuts. Songs like “What Is Love,” “Don’t Always
    Look At The Rain” and “Things Can Only Get Better” took on new meaning but still left you with the
    same feel good memories from the decade of MTV. Always passionate and at times vulnerable, Jones’
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